LCRM Changelog



You can see the latest version updates from LCRM


Version 2.2.1

  • We have added multi language feature by using gTranslator. Refer this ( You can choose/change the language from settings of ADMIN section.
  • Added Export options (CSV, Excel, PDF and Print), Column visibility options(show/hide columns) to all the datatables and saved the column visibility status of table.
  • Changed the functionality of tasks. Added the status option to tasks. You can see the tasks in Kanban mode also and change the status of tasks by drag and drop.
  • Added ToDo page. It works like a notes which shows the daily work (completed or uncompleted). Todo items can be viewed and modified by the creator ( either user or staff ).
  • Added Sent mail options, You can Send mails using SMTP, SES and Mailgun drivers. You can also send the mails using Elastic mail using smtp driver.

Version 2.2.0

  • Converted Laravel 5.4 to 5.5 . Used Laravel repositories insted of using models in controllers.


  • We are Integrated the laravel notifications by using Pusher push notifications( ).
  • You can find the Desktop pusher notifications (Alert) on email compose and while replying. This can be able to view on active recepients.



  • We used "laravel filesystem" to backup the files and Database. We can save the files into Local and Dropbox. Mention the file names in config/backup.php which you want Back Up. You can include and exclude the files here.

Version 2.1.4



  • Introduced New UI.
  • Added new features (Deleted list, Sales order list, Invoice converted list and Draft quotations).
  • Renamed Customer with Agent name and Sales person as Main staff.
  • Sales team and Main staff will comes based on/selecting Agent name.
  • Showing the expired column in datatable.
  • Validations are currently done with jQuery and laravel, but previously it was done with "Laravel".
  • In Agent account added the options accept and reject quotations. Admin can convert the quotation to sales order or invoice if agent accepts the quotation.
  • Fixed issue with start date and expiration date.
  • Added notifications/alert.
  • Fixed Sending Mail issue in Edit & view pages.
  • Modified the print option (pdf file).

Sales orders:

  • Added the features Deleted list, Invoice converted list and Draft sales orders.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Modified Quotation status field (Given radio options).
  • Fixed Add product field calculation issue.


  • Added the features Paid invoices and Deleted list.
  • Added the page Payment log in agent account.
  • Added pie chart,In agent account for displaying open invoice, total invoice and paid invoices.

Payment log:

  • Given jquery validations.
  • Showing the Total amount/remaining amount (After selecting the invoice ID).
  • Added validation for Amount Received field if we give more amount than the actual amount.

Agent Acount:

  • Fixed issue in agent account (showing email notification).
  • Added payment log page in agent account.

Task & Email Template:

  • Fixed few alignment issues and modified the checkbox.

Version 2.1.3

  • New UI is developed to Grid System with impressive styles in Opportunities, Calls and Meetings.
  • Client is renamed as Agent.
  • Email, phone number, priority, tags and assigned partner fields are removed.
  • Added company name field and agent name depends on company name.
  • Added staff members field.
  • Removed Won, loss and expired options in stages in create opportunity.


  • Added the features Archive, Delete List and Converted list.
  • Archive consists of lost data with lost reason.
  • Delete list has all deleted data of opportunities, which maintains the opportunity data or records.
  • The deleted data can be restored from Deleted lists.
  • Converted list consists of converted data of opportunity to quotations.
  • Made a separate column for lost and won.
  • In opportunity meetings, if we checked the checkbox then by default it shows BUSY in show time as field.


  • Validations are currently done with jQuery and laravel, but previously with Laravel.
  • Given min date and max date validations for date time picker and fixed issues.
  • Updated the company field in opportunity meetings based on opportunity.
  • Added the fields into view and delete pages which we are shown in edit pages.

Version 2.1.2



  • Changed UI.
  • Added jQuery Validations.
  • View and delete pages in team members field issues are fixed.
  • For a newly added row, the code is modified.
  • Select2 Issues are fixed.
  • File Upload field code is modified.
  • History Section is added.
  • Client Account Login issues fixed.
  • File Upload issues fixed.
  • Change Password issue fixed.
  • Category field name is fixed as unique in Category & Products Module.
  • In Category & Products Module a new functionality is added as unused product name can be deleted even though it is initialized vice-versa.


Version 2.1.1


Leads & Staff

  • New UI is developed to Grid System with impressive styles in Leads and Staff Section.
  • Column names are updated in the Sections of Leads and Staff.
  • Validation Error Messages are modified.
  • Validations are currently done with jQuery, but previously with Laravel.
  • Button Colors are changed in sections of Leads and Staff Sections.
  • Dropdown issues are fixed in Leads and staff sections.
  • Lead View UI is changed with impressive design.
  • In Edit page, Password fields are modified.
  • Bootstrap Tags are added in the input of Invite Staff.
  • Input field pattern is modified in Leads and Staff Sections.